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After 2 years of being affected by the pandemic as well as natural disasters, Quang Nam's tourism industry is trying to recover with many solutions such as renewing and diversifying tourism products, specially promoting new tourist attractions. Dong Giang Heaven's Gate ecotourism area - one of the newest destinations of Quang Nam is officially open to welcome tourist in summer 2022.

Positive Sign

During the 2022 Holidays of Liberation Day and International Workers Day, Dong Giang Heaven's Gate officially opened to welcome visitors. After 6 months of operations, Dong Giang Heaven's Gate has welcomed over 35.000 tourists. As reported, visitors are not only local citizens but also come from many different areas of Vietnam such as Hue, Quang Binh, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh city... According to Miss Vo Ngoc Anh, FVG Travel's General Director, the number of visitors increases sharply on the weekend, especially retail visitors from other provinces. This is a promising number for a new destination which open right after the Covid-19 pandemic in order to contribute to the growth of West Quang Nam Tourism.

Mr Le Thanh Tri - Chairman of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee said that: "In order for the eco-tourism area of Troi Giang Gate - one of the projects in the mountains of Quang Nam province to attract tourists, these are the great efforts of the investor to turn the project into the focus of Quang Nam tourism. In particular, the Central region in general, not to mention during the construction and operation process, the Dong Giang Heaven Gate Ecological KDL project also encountered many difficulties. The local government had supported and worked with investors to overcome hardships, making investors like FVG contribute to bring West Quang Nam tourism higher in the upcoming time.

In order to meet the trend of tourism that is recovering quickly and strongly, Dong Giang Heaven's Gate with the orientation of becoming a combination of resort, entertainment, and eco-tourism with indigenous culture as well as spirituality of the western mountainous region of Quang Nam. Many attractive suggestions at the tourist area for visitors to explore the local cultural colors such as the local tradition dance Tung Tung Da Da, together with local people making handicraft products such as bamboo and rattan weaving and brocade weaving, enjoy traditional cuisine like bamboo tube grilled fish, bamboo rice, Ta Vat wine… 

Recently, Dong Giang Heaven's Gate has set a record for a tourist area with many natural waterfalls in Vietnam with a system of 25 waterfalls. Accordingly, many new and unique experiences close to nature based on the waterfall system are introduced such as: camping next to Trung Rong waterfall, rowing sup, water slide, back massage on natural rocks, bathing in open-air springs in Bon Bon forest park...

Sustainable development to affirm the key tourist position

Mr Phan Xuan Thanh - Chairman of Quang Nam Tourism Association said:"With the current need to diversify products, Dong Giang Heaven Gate Ecological Park will be an attractive new destination helping the mountainous western region of Quang Nam, which is lacking and weak in terms of products, infrastructure systems, and services...and also contributing to exploiting the local's natural and cultural potentials".

Dong Giang Heaven's Gate is one of the first mountain tourism projects invested in a methodical scale, Mr A Vo To Phuong, Chairman of Dong Giang District People's Committee, Quang Nam commented:"Dong Giang Heaven Gate is a new tourist destination with a lot of potential to connect with other destinations in the Central region for tourism development, becoming a worthy destination for entertainment and relaxation, contribute to bringing this region's economy to a spectacular breakthrough in the coming time".

Continuously launching many new products from May 2022, Dong Giang Heaven's Gate Ecological Park said that in phase 2, it will continue to put into operation many attractive entertainment items that will be formed on the 400 top such as: ancient architecture city wall, Cable car station, water puppet theater system and especially the Co Tu theme gallery built according to the model of the ancient Co Tu village. In phase 3, the investor continues to deploy many amusement parks at the 800 top of the project: theme park, hotel systems, bungalow, and 9-13 floors high observatory system. By 2023, the project will basically complete subdivision 3 with a lot of entertainment items synchronization of commercial - service - high-class resort functions.

According to Ms Vo Ngoc Anh, FVG Travel's General Director, investor representative said:"We will continue to build new tourist destinations on the basis of focusing on developing and diversifying featured products and services. In the coming time, we will continue to push harder to launch and cooperate with provinces and cities across the country to attract domestic tourists, promote the tourist area closer to potential international tourists such as Asia, America, Australia, Western Europe..."