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Since its establishment in 2018, under the vision to become Vietnam's leading Service - Tourism corporation, FVG Travel has always devoted its passion to constantly innovating, improving products and qualify professional services as well as commit to furnish experiences that will satisfy all needs and desires of customers, thus creating a new look for travel destinations in the Central region. FVG Travel Magazine had the opportunity to talk and discuss with Ms. Vo Ngoc Anh, General Director of FVG Travel about strengthening the brand, building a new direction for tourism products in 2023 upon reaching a variety of tourism products and customers. 

Which results has FVG Travel achieved during nearly 6 years of construction and development?

Ms. Vo Ngoc Anh, General Director of FVG Travel: In the past 6 years, along with the tourism boom of Da Nang market, FVG Travel is also proud to participate in the tourism market with hotels and houses establishment. Restaurants and resorts, including a system of 7 3- and 4-star hotels Fivitel Da Nang, Fivitel Hoi An, Fivitel Boutique, Fivitel Song Ngan, Fivitel O Thuoc, Fivitel King (formerly King's Finger) and Fivitel Queen (Queen's), Finger), a complex of three restaurants La Moka Song Han(FVG Palace), La Moka Hoi An and La Moka Cau Kieu, was jointly operated with Dong Giang Sky Gate eco-tourism area. Since then, building and expanding the system, creating a diverse ecosystem with 3 types of services are widely present in Da Nang and Quang Nam.

With a team of experienced, dedicated and highly specialized, FVG Travel glance for future with the goal of expanding activity scopes, deploying new products is to complete the closed ecosystem, becoming a foundation and fulcrum for FVG Travel development and further promotion.

With the motto "Customer benefits are the criterion of development", FVG Travel is committed to implement the set motto, aiming to build and develop sustainable tourism as far as improving the position of tourism regionally and nationally.


After 2 years, the epidemic has seriously affected the tourism service industry. Currently under the goal of sustainable tourism development, key tourism of economic region is a hot topic of interest, according to you, which strategy does FVG Travel have to catch up with this trend?

Ms. Vo Ngoc Anh, General Director of FVG Travel: After 2 years, the epidemic domestic market has showed improvement signs from summer 2022 and decreased sharply right after September 2nd holiday, while the international market and policies of other countries have not really attracted tourists to Da Nang. In order to survive and stand firm in this deep world recession, FVG Travel has prepared for building its own brand and identity in a closed chain to create its own direction, aiming to welcome the rebirth of a recovery tourism. Specifically, FVG Travel aims to develop sustainable tourism, linking with units to jointly develop local tourism, in the spirit of not only bringing profits to businesses, but also committed to support livelihoods, thus contributing to the promotion of the local economy.

According to many tourism experts, the situation of an international tourist market will not be able to recover quickly in the near future due to many objective reasons of the regional disease control situation as well as other problems. Given the political - economic and social instability in the world, in that trend, which specific plans does FVG Travel have to attract travelers in the near future?

Ms. Vo Ngoc Anh, General Director of FVG Travel: Prior to 2023 and 2024 forecast international tourists are still limited due to wars, epidemics and economic recession, FVG Travel will focus on exploiting domestic tourism by forming and diversifying combo packages. We will offer services and products of low prices and high discounts in the FVG Travel ecosystem to attract and satisfy all needs of customers, towards creating 1st Prestigious brand, a preferred choice for customers across the country when coming to Da Nang and Quang Nam. Additionally, FVG Travel is making constant efforts to improve service quality and further improve the system of facilities to satisfy domestic and foreign travelers.

In order to prepare for further growth when the international tourist market recovers, the policy of digitizing the tourism industry is a great concern of businesses in this field. As a leader of FVG Travel, can you share your business's intentions in the digital transformation process to accelerate development in the near future?

Ms. Vo Ngoc Anh, General Director of FVG Travel: FVG Travel is actively rapidly deploying digitization in affiliated products in FVG Travel ecosystem, namely synchronizing integrated software that is most convenient for product selection and reward-point accumulating system for FVG Travel's loyalty system on mobile devices, in order to comprehensively and optimally take care of customer groups. Thereby, it is potential to focus on implementing customer classification and information integration to set up a regular customer care network. We focus on offering attractive product packages with preferential prices to help customers have a variety of experiences, thereby improving the evaluation and ranking of FVG Travel brand on websites, channels and social networks.

Under the launch of CTG eco-tourism area, along with available accommodation and restaurant infrastructure, FVG Travel is aiming for a multi-tasking service model for tourists, towards providing package tourism products. In your opinion, what will be the advantages and disadvantages of implementing this model and how will FVG solve these difficulties?

Ms. Vo Ngoc Anh, General Director of FVG Travel: The intention to establish a package tour model has been clearly expressed in the development resolution of FVG Group 2020-2025 and has always been steadfast in following the chosen path. However, to achieve success, it takes time to create brand effects and introduce attractive new products to domestic and foreign tourists. The synchronous consolidation of the FVG Travel ecosystem to promote communication is not within that purpose. In parallel with the establishment of cable cars and water parks, the amusement park in Dong Giang Sky Gate Ecological Park in the summer of next year will complete a variety of self-contained products for the full-service program. The package is expected to bring a scientific and impressive 4-day-3-night tour with super cheap price for travelers will be successfully launched in the summer 2023 by combining national tourist attractions such as Hoi An Ancient Town, Cu Lao Cham and Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to exchange and share interesting information with FVG Travel!