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In 2019, FVG Travel will reveal a variety of new plans in different fields.

“FVG Travel is oriented to be a key unit of FVG group, focusing on tourism services business with the goal of expanding the scope of operations and business scale every year, becoming a comprehensive unit in the provision of tourism services in the Central region and nationwide. Moreover, the co-operation with partners and customer system is the most important goal to bring FVG Travel products and services to Vietnamese and international tourists and users." 

FVG Travel Công Bố Định Hướng Kinh Doanh Và Mô Hình Hoạt Động Cùng Chính Sách Phát Triển Đối Tác Năm 2019

Model of Dong Giang heaven gate eco-tourism area


This is the message that Ms. Duong Thi Tho - FVG Travel CEO delivered in the announcement of business orientation and operation model with the 2019 partner development policy of FVG Travel in last October.

In the hotel sector, FVG Travel continues to take a strategic role. Along with the existing hotels such as King's Finger, Queen's Finger and Fivitel in 2019, FVG Travel will launch 2 more 4-star new hotels, Fivitel in Hoi An and Fivitel in Dong Giang. And a new hotel in Da Nang center will be invested to turn into Fivitel Boutique. Thus, with its strategy, up to 2019, FVG Travel will have a total of 5 hotels with a number of 577 rooms, giving guests a new experience as their own home when traveling in the central provinces such as Da Nang, Hoi An, and Dong Giang.

FVG Travel Công Bố Định Hướng Kinh Doanh Và Mô Hình Hoạt Động Cùng Chính Sách Phát Triển Đối Tác Năm 2019

Ms. Duong Thi Tho - General Director of FVG Travel presented the 2019 development orientation of FVG Travel Corporation

In the restaurant sector, FVG Travel continues to launch La Moka restaurant which specializes in serving customers and travelers on Eurasian menus, rolls, fresh seafood (A La Carte, menu), especially hotpot Fivi Fivi was first present in Hoi An. La Moka restaurant is considered as a highlight and is an ideal destination that tourists cannot ignore when having a chance to stop at the ancient town.

FVG Travel Công Bố Định Hướng Kinh Doanh Và Mô Hình Hoạt Động Cùng Chính Sách Phát Triển Đối Tác Năm 2019

La Moka Hoi An restaurant will be put into operation in December 2018

In the field of e-commerce, FVG Travel continues to promote the development of the e-commerce portal Fivigo - www.fivigo.com.vn - with full features such as tour bookings, package combos, single service bookings (hotel, spa, travel, car rental, etc.), can be designed as required and can earn points according to the level of use. Moreover, Fivigo also owns partner systems with 50 3-4 star hotels serving full combos, 40 restaurants, 10 shipping partners, providing entertainment services and travel fields in operating with 20 partners to provide other services such as spa, nails, clothing, and coffee. In addition, Fivigo also has a voucher service system for customers. Traveling with Fivigo will definitely give you a great experience in the journey to discover new lands as well as blend into the 4.0 tourist trend.

Conferences, seminars, weddings are also an area that FVG Travel will invest in promotion in 2019. Typical FVG Palace conference center with 5-storey design can accommodate about 350 people with various arrangements such as classrooms, theaters, U shape, roundtables, taking the names of beautiful flowers such as magnolia, rhododendron, sunflower, lentils, etc. promises to bring you important moments and unforgettable moments in each person's life.

The important area and highlight of FVG Travel in 2019 are to build the first phase of Dong Giang heaven gate eco-tourism area with a series of convenient services such as parking area, sky gate area, Gop cave, Prơdoong cave, resting places and eating area. This is a project that FVG Travel dedicated and expressed its desire to build great tourism products as well as bring customers and partners more choices about a high-class tourism product of Quang Nam province.

In addition, in 2019, FVG Travel also has preferential policies for travel and businesses as there are special incentives when using new services, especially from two or more services (hotels + restaurants or room + conference room, etc.); prioritize peak season reservation and upgrade low season room rates; points system and reward for business partners, concession card for customers using services in FVG Travel system and Fivigo system as well as benefits for using vouchers for customers from partners in Da Nang and Hoi An markets.