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With the desire to expand and develop to be one of the top leading services - tourism corporation of Vietnam, FVG Travel Group Joint Stock Company, a member of FVG is officially established in 2018. After 6 years journey of development, FVG Travel has oriented to become a reputable brand providing a diverse ecosystem of tourism services such as resort, restaurant, ecotourism in Da Nang and Quang Nam with a reasonable price.



Focusing on service-tourism as a long-term development goal of FVG, with the motto of "Customer's benefit is the criterion of development", FVG Travel is committed to always bringing to the market quality products and services that meet customers' requirement.


During the initial formation and development, on a consolidated basis from 6 units including: Fivitel Da Nang hotel, Fivitel Boutique Hotel, Fivitel Hoi An Hotel, Queen's Finger Hotel, King's Finger Hotel and Vietnam Finger Travel Service Trading Co Ltd, FVG Travel has becoming the direct management unit with a lot of traveling products such as: Leiѕure Traᴠel, Restaurants, Ecotourism.


Until today, After nearly 6 years of being put into operation, even though it was badly affected by Covid-19 in 2 years, FVG Travel is always aiming for the best to retain its outstanding reputation and quality. The most obvious demonstration is the closed ecosystem, diversity in service model development and the recognition of top leading Traveling organizations such as TripAdvisor, Booking...

Every year, FVG Travel continues to strongly expand the operating range and business scale, oriented to be the key unit of FVG Group. To actualize general development strategy, FVG Travel will develop an diverse ecosystem with chains of restaurants, hotels, resorts and continue to operate the next phases of Dong Giang Haven's Gate Tourism Area. This is the commitment of FVG in orientation of tourism development in the Central region.

FVG Travel system will include 7 hotels with the standard of 3 and 4 stars, 3 restaurants, 4 resorts and 1 tourism area which owns over 1500 rooms at Da Nang, Hoi An, Dong Giang, forming FVG's a close tourism chain.

The travel ecosystem in the field of Accommodation Services including 7 hotels in Da Nang and Quang Nam which aiming to the goal of building all-in-one travel products for tourists in the future.

Since 2014, hotels are put into operation respectively Fivitel Boutique, King's Finger (2014), Queen's Finger (2015), Fivitel Da Nang (2017), Fivitel Hoi An (2019), Fivitel Song Ngan and Fivitel O Thuoc (2022). The hotels are located in prime locations, at reasonable prices along with various services that received visitors' love and became favorite choices when coming to Da Nang and Quang Nam. A lot of customers and travel partners have highly voted on online booking sites.

Until the end of 2022, in order to consistently improve service quality in hotels, and to to unify brand identity, FVG's hotel units are changed into Fivitel.

Aiming to the goal of sustainable development diverse ecosystems, FVG Travel will continue to invest and upgrade many new project items with the wide-covered service system, and create many high quality products with 5 star standard such as Taz resort system that located in Dong Giang and the South of Hoi An.

This is the continuation of FVG's vision in forming the chain of tourism service products, bringing the all-inclusive resort ecosystem for customers.

In the restaurant industry, the restaurant chain of FVG Travel has opened continuously and formed a homogenous service system chain including La Moka Han River, Formerly FVG Palace (2017), La Moka Hoi An (2019), La Moka Kieu Bridge (2022). The restaurants are oriented as convention centers with the multi-style cuisine that customized for each customer target and highlighted the local specialities. This is customers and partners' favorite destination.

After 4 years of construction, overcoming obstacles of weather and complicated pandemic, FVG Travel has made constant efforts to officially operate Dong Giang Heaven's Gate ecotourism area, which is 20ha wide with total investment of 2600 billion Vietnam dong, in April 2022. This is a new tourist destination of Quang Nam's tourism map with 4 types of tourism including: ecotourism, Leiѕure Tourism, spiritual tourism and culture experience tourism.

The project embodies the vision, strong determination and aspiration of FVG Travel to assess the potential for tourism development, provide income for local people. Gradually, FVG Travel is forming the tourism ecosystem which is linking destinations and tourists, travel partners... Besides, in the future, FVG Travel will continue to develop combo traveling packages, reaching customers through national as well as international activities and events. FVG Travel will also introduce promotions in order to stimulate tourism, attract and reach different customer segments. 

Since the establishment 6 years ago, constructions and traveling projects have spread all over Central Vietnam, which is forming into a tourism ecosystem with resorts, restaurants and high quality eco tourism. FVG Travel is affirming a position in the tourism industry, committed to bring sustainable values and contribute to the development of the economy in the future.