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A sublime performance night was synthesized from 18 excellent Talent performances, with the enthusiastic participation of 7 units under FVG Group.

FVG's 𝐆𝐨𝐭 𝐓𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭 created a great stage, brought many emotions, forever a FVG spirit!

FVG would like to thank the members of the great FVG family for their hard work, investment, and enthusiasm, with this effort, everyone is a winner!

Now, let's review the impressive moments and final results of GALA FVG's Got Talent season 4 on January 5, 2023:

Congratulations to the Champion of FVG's Got Talent 2023: “Vietnam trong toi” - Fivitel King

Congratulations to the outstanding performances that won consolation prizes:

1. Contemporary Mashup - Fivitel Hoi An

2. Performance of ethnic musical instruments by artisan Co Lau Nhim - FVG Dong Giang

3. Guitar singing: “Di Tim Loi Ru Nu Than Mat Troi”- Huynh Minh u - FVG Nui Thanh

4. Cham dance: Caring for the shimmering statue of the ancient tower - Fivitel King

5. Singing and dancing: “Lo Hen Dong Lam” - Fivitel Queen

Congratulations to the impressive performances that won the following award categories:

1. Dedication Award for Performance: FVG went through a storm - VPCT

2. Impressive award for solo performance: Set fire to the rain - A Ting Thi Phuong Ly - FVG Dong Giang

3. Creative award for the performance We gonna light it up - Fivitel Da Nang

4. Style Award for "Hao Khi Vietnam" - Fivitel Boutique

FVG's Got Talent season 4 is an annual playground for FVG people to interact and confidently express their talents and talents.

“All members of the great FVG family, shine in your own way!”