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Dong Giang Heaven Gate Ecotourism is a tourist destination in Ma Cooih commune, Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province invested by Hang Gop Ecotourism Joint Stock Company - FVG Group, with a total area of ​​120 ha with a total investment of more than 400 billion VND and was officially opened to visitors from April 19, 2022.


This is the first class-scale eco-tourism in Dong Giang, Quang Nam, affirming the determination, bravery, and vision of FVG Group. With the cool climate, the system of caves and waterfalls that nature bestows along with the indigenous cultural values ​​here have been invested by FVG Group to become a new and attractive tourist destination.

The Dong Giang Heaven Gate eco-tourist project has been bringing visitors a journey of discovery and experience with many unique stories bearing the indigenous cultural colors of the Co Tu people. The culture of the people is reflected in the culinary culture of the highlands of Quang Nam, which is molded by the unique climate and soil, and then blends in with the Tung Tung Da Da dance of the Co Tu people.

In addition, when coming to Dong Giang Heaven Gate, visitors can also explore the system of caves, spectacular waterfalls and streams, and especially the "Gate of Heaven" with a natural stalactite arch created over millions of years thanks to the waterfall. Water flows continuously through the two sides of the cliff. The system of 9 waterfalls and 2 magnificent caves depicts a uniqueness that is hard to find anywhere else.

For lovers of spiritual tourism, visitors can find a journey with more than 4,000 steps along the limestone ridges that bring visitors to Ba Lam Thanh  Mau Temple and many unique attractions. carved on rocky mountains such as fossil dinosaurs, Thanh Long Mountain, White Tiger Statue, King Kong Statue, Trung Rong Waterfall.

Seven bridges spanning the Ngan River are impressively designed with the beautiful name "That Kieu Maze Road" including Vom bridge, Dai De bridge, Rainbow bridge, Kieu bridge, O Thuoc bridge, Thac Tien bridge, and Wing Bird bridge will be the check-in points not to be missed for visitors. In addition, a unique point located in the tourist attraction is the Bon bon forest park, a cool year-round specialty that attracts visitors.

Fivitel Song Ngan and Fivitel Cau Kieu hotel systems with 4 * standard resort services, and infinity pools with panoramic views of Dong Giang mountains and forests, bring visitors a resort experience with green natural space cool, fresh.

Exploring the beauty of Heaven's Gate complex, waterfalls, and caves, enjoying delicious cuisine with pristine flavors of mountains and forests, and enjoying 4-star service will surely create memorable memories for visitors.


​Address: A So Hamlet, Ma Cooil Commune, Dong Giang District, Quang Nam Province.
Facebook: facebook.com/fvgtravelcongtroidonggiang
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