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Over millions of years, the nature has created a sky gate among high mountains and thick forests. Dong Giang Sky Gate eco-tourism area in Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province, as far as 80km west of Da Nang city, under investment of FVG group in a total area of ​​120ha desires to bring a fully devoted tourist destination in combination with preserving the traditional Co Tu culture.

The first project phase will be terminated and officially operated on December 4th , 2019 with a grassy square of hundreds of tropical, conservative and hybrid plant species bringing green space and pure peace as well as walking halls and a scenery tower along cascades and caves float you into the scenery of high mountains and thick forests of the majestic Truong Son cliff.

Discovering the fanciful and unique beauty of this "maze in the ground" through ecological populations of Gop Cave and Tam Cung Cave.