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Encouraging rate of “Best work choice for youth”

According to statistics, in 2010 Viet Nam had only 5 milion international visitors and 28 milion domestic visitors. In 2017, this number grew to 13 milion and 73 milion, respectively. It is forecasted thatbay 2020, the country’s tourism industry will need 870.000 more workers to fullfill the growing tourism demand. In particular, there will be a scarcity in middle and senior management positions. These statistics imply that the hospitality industry is hotter than ever.

Although it is considered a coveted, high paying job compared to the general employment choices, especially at the management level, the reality shows there is a huge difference in the salary of Vietnamese and foreign personnel in the industry. Specifically, the salary a General Director of a foreign luxury hotel could range from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 per month and may include many other allowances. In contrast, the income of Vietnamese staff is still very modest. For instance, the position of group or mid-level management, the salary is around $1,000 per month.

Ms.Vo Ngoc Anh - Fivitel Hotel Director


From Zero to Hero

Within the hotel industry, the higher the position, the greater the pressure. This pressure can be a lot of work and sweat on the outside combined with inward stressful emotions. The only way to succeed is to start from the bottom, learn the ropes and steadily making your way to the top. There are no shortcuts, no matter if you graduated from a reputable school of management or are working from the ground up.

FVG Travel's hotel chain directors have also taken part in this method of career growth. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai, former General Manager of King's Finger Hotel, started her career as a storekeeper and worked in various departments before being promoted to a management position. As a result, she not only understands the profession, but has experience handling difficult situations that may arise in a sympathetic and gracious manner. She has become a manager who is full of enthusiasm, loved and respected by all employees.

Another example of working their way up is Ms Pham Thi Nghia, Director of Queen's Finger Hotel. She began working as a sales admin, then moved into guest relations at the front desk. In time, as she acquired knowledge and experience, Nghia is the youngest director of a hotel chain at FVG Travel at the moment.

Nghề khách sạn – Nhiều đam mê vẫn là chưa đủ

Ms. Pham Thi Nghia - Queen's Finger Hotel Director

To be entrusted with the position of Managing Director of Gopatel Hotel & Spa, Pham Xuan Thang has also held various positions as regular hotel staff. He always uses his "own recipe" to manage and build his employee team, that as he says, is based on real-life experience throughout his career as an employee. Similarly, Ms. Vo Ngoc Anh - Director of Fivitel Hotel also started her career as an entry level employee, starting as a worker in small hotel and then taking in a management position in a much larger hotel, where pressure increased dramatically but thanks to the background gathered during the previous positions, she was ready for the challenge.

So, getting a management position in a hotel without understanding the job, and never facing the actual situation, or not being involved in the lowest positions, and having no knowledge of the tasks of different departments, makes it very difficult to make decisions and create solutions that can satisfy a customer.

Passion or perseverance? Maybe both!

As mentioned above, in order to succeed in the hospitality industry, you have to go through many different positions. But not everyone can overcome this challenging test if they lack enough passion, enthusiasm and perseverance in pursuit of new successes.

Many people spend 3-4 years pursuing a hospitality degree only to  leave work one or two months after actually working in the industry. The reasons for "giving up on the dream" are extremely diverse. It may be due to shortage of skills, the working environment is not as expected, the salary is not satisfactory... And even when there is passion, the lack of persistence is a strong reason that make it difficult to continue the “hospitality journey”.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai, Director of King's Finger Hotel, gives this advice to young people: "The hotel profession is a ‘satisfying profession’ for everyone. Once you have entered the field, you must have passion, a love for the job, a love for the people and enough perseverance to go further.” In other words, when you step foot into the hotel business, you have to follow through meticulously by making sure that their accommodations, meals and other requirements are looked after at all times. Their absolute enjoyment should always be the "guideline" in all your performance.

Nghề khách sạn – Nhiều đam mê vẫn là chưa đủ

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai - Director of King's Finger Hotel

So, in order to commit to this profession, in addition to a "steel spirit", one must always feel comfortable taking care of customers and be passionate about serving and taking care of others. To survive in this profession one must have the utmost patience.

Hotel industry workers learn from reality and hone skills with lots of practice. The educational knowledge a worker learns is just the guide, not guidelines for performance. Passion can help one become engaged and creative, and perseverance will help an individual gradually achieve success in the hospitality industry.


(FVG Travel Magazine Publications (02, August, 2018).