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Coming to Dong Giang Heaven's Gate, tourists will see a magical world that changes every day with many structures being formed in the middle of Truong Son mountain. This is the pride not only of FVG people, but also of Dong Giang, Quang Nam. This place is also proving its charm since there are a lot of visitors who come to explore the nature here and to experience local people's life; also, this creates a new mindset in developing tourism for Co Tu young adults. Since the official operation, the young here have been contributing to maintain and promote the local tourism all over Vietnam.

The spring sunrise in Dong Giang Heaven's Gate starts purely and magically since clouds wander around the ravines and cover the valleys. When the sun comes and the fog fades, the blue sky appears and also the colorful constructions, these color contributes to the lively and brilliant picture of Dong Giang Heaven's Gate.

Come back to Dong Giang to see new things every day, to meet young faces of Co Tu people who are full of energy and we want to tell their story.

Growing up in the jungle, facing a lot of difficulties is the key factor that made Co Tu young boys and girls become enthusiastic and hard working. They're very rustic and kind living among the nature.

With a priority policy to create jobs for local Co Tu workers, many young Co Tu come to work for the project as an incident. Ta Cooih Phi is one of them, and Dong Giang Heaven's Gate Tourism Area is the link to connect them all.

Working for FVG for nearly 5 years, from a worker position, Phi is a security captain now. Phi is a quiet person according to his friends and colleagues. However, when it comes to work, we can see a different Ta Cooih Phi. "Phi is a very enthusiastic, responsible and serious person at work" - Mr Thai Viet Hai, FVG's Supervisory Board said.


Everyday, Phi checks and urges the happenings in the Tourism Area, receives property handover from the Management Board, advises on disaster and flood prevention as well as the rescue plan, checks the working style of employees constantly... Sharing the memory of the first time when the resort opened to welcome guests, Phi said: "This is the first time that I've worked for such a big tourism area project and since it's the grand opening day, I was bewildered. There are many new situations which became memorable memories and helped me realized that doing professional travel needs a lot of learning and management innovation"

Behind the mask is Phi's sweat and his sincere smile which contains a lot of emotion. His tireless contribution in the new journey of Dong Giang Heaven's Gate helps created his glory young age under FVG's roof.


Born and raised in a poor village at A So commune, Dong Giang, Quang Nam, since childhood, A Lang Ngoi always tried to change her destiny and always wanted to go back to her hometown to start-up as well as to help enrich her hometown. Physics Pedagogy graduated with the distinction degree, however, it seems that luck had not yet come since everything was frozen by the affection of pandemic, finding a job was as difficult as ever.

Started as a tree surgeon, A Lang Ngoi contributed hardworkingly to complete the green look for the tourism area, this is also the opportunity for her to cherish the will to rise. Difficulty after difficulty since the job position is interrupted sometimes because of the pandemic.

Welcome us with a bright smile, guide guests attentively and dedicatedly, full of confidence. If not told, no one would know that under the traditional Co Tu costume is a girl who tried effortlessly to get rid of the shyness and low self-esteem at the beginning of the day. Now, she communicates more with customers, becoming more and more flexible everyday.


Ngoi told us with a smile: "I've been working at tourism for 3 years and received a lot of help from my colleagues, they helped me to have many new experiences, gained and honed more skills. This is an opportunity for me to understand how to do professional travel, I also know more about my hometown and share it with tourists. It's FVG where helped me changed my thinking about doing travel, remove all barriers and prejudice and I grew every day with that".

Before, most of the Co tu people had difficulty in accessing stable employment, but the opening of the tourism area means there're a lot of job opportunities for them, contributing to a more stable life.

Meet Briu Chon - a Co tu man who is working as a restaurant staff with the desire to preserve and light the fire of his hometown culture. Before, Chon did not have experience in the travel industry nor worked in any travel agency. Attached to the land of the field, the farming work is just enough to get by everyday. "Since working for Dong Giang Heaven's Gate, our life has changed optimistically. I was trained and I learned a lot of knowledge as well as professional skills. Moreover, we have more stable income to take care of the school fee for my 2 children" - Briu Chon shared excitedly.

Chon and his family are working in the traveling industry, his wife is also working for the tourism area as a ticket staff. Apart from being a restaurant staff, Chon is also an MC - the person who introduced the cultural exchange program at Co Tu cultural village. According to Briu Chon, most tourists who come to the tourism area love to learn about the tradition, join the experience and live with ethnic people. Therefore, with the purpose of introducing and connecting the local traditional culture to the tourists, everytime he holds the mic, Chon always tries to transmit maximum the spirit, the meaning of the traditional dance as well as the lyrics, contributing to the preservation of cultural identity of Co Tu people.